Mastering the Art of Authentic Communications

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    Are you frustrated as a leader?
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    Speaker and leadership training for individuals and corporations.

About Naked Audience Productions


STAGES is not just for speakers, educators, Trainers and platform artists. this 3-Day Certification Training is for anyone who is looking to develop their brand or better present their brand within a corporate brand to really  mastering the art of authentic speaking. Learn how STAGES will elevate your career to that next level.


About L.E.A.D.

L.E.A.D. Leadership Education and Development 3-Day Certification on Mastering the Art of Authentic Leading. Communications through listening, really listening, Coaching and engaging through questions not solutions and Connection of understanding how we are hard wired as humans and how and why we react.



From Elaine Travis, “ I did not know where to find the education to be a better educator, I kept hitting a wall and after attending the STAGES Program I was blown away, this was exactly what I needed and I am so ready to go back and teach using all the skills that I learned on being an authentic speaker, educator and platform artist.”


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